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Juvenile arthritis can attack any joint, muscle, tissue, and organ
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The Book

Even though Abby has spent more days with pain than without in her eight years of life, her joy comes through in her detailed description of living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, uveitis, and Crohn's disease. Abby discusses her road to each diagnosis, what she has learned, and how chronic disease has impacted her life.  As Abby says, “Everyone has something. Never think someone has it better than you, because you just don’t know what their something is.” All money raised from the sale of this book goes to Abby's Army.

Even though I’m scared and the shots hurt, I’m glad I get the shot. I am so happy to have a medicine that finally makes me feel better.

The daily life of a child fighting Juvenile Arthritis

Join Abby’s Army to help fight Juvenile Arthritis. Although there is no cure, our goal is to help children and get them through the day-to-day activities they enjoy while easing some of the financial burden of this disease.


Donate to support Abby's Army and fight Juvenile Artritis


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